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FRAM's History

The foundation of integrity and old world craftsmanship that has been handed down over four generations continues to this day with FRAM Building Group and FRAM America.

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From humble beginnings in Southern Italy, the Giannone general contracting family business rose to prominence through three generations of skill and dedication. From Grandfather to Father and then son, John Giannone has continued the old world craftsmanship and construction traditions learned at the hands of a family of skilled artisans.

Upon emigrating to Canada in 1958, John founded one of Toronto’s largest masonry companies. In 1981, FRAM Building Group was founded – named for his children, Frank, Ralph, Antonietta and Mariana, with son Frank as president. The fourth family generation began. With the 5th closely behind. FRAMAmerica became active in 1992. The focus of FRAMAmerica is the building and development of premier residential communities in selected major U.S. markets.

Today, FRAM continues to foster the ideals of the Giannone legacy with progressive leadership and old world pride. For over thirty years, FRAM Building Group has completed a wide range of mixed-use, single family and multi-family for sale and rental projects throughout Ontario. FRAM is renown for its ability to create superior quality, craftsmanship, design and architecture into coveted, award-winning communities.

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